I’ve been shamelessly shopping around the yoga studios in the area for a couple of years now trying to find a favorite to make my “home” and this is it! While I’ve had lovely experiences at other studios in the area, Lori and her team have created the most serene, welcoming environment and offer very diverse instruction.

Every instructor I’ve had has been attentive beyond belief. I took my mom in for her first ever yoga class this past week and Leslie (who was substituting for the delightful Evelyn) did everything she could to make my mom continuously comfortable, all the while attending to everyone elses’ needs. I had real worries about my mom’s first yoga experience being her last, due to wariness on her part, but she REALLY liked it!

I would agree with Stacy G. who says it’s not a super social vibe, but personally, given that it is by no means unfriendly, I prefer the peaceful, introspective atmosphere. I feel like I’ve learned the most about meditation at Fusion as well as a mess o’ new yoga positions! LOVE FUSION!! — Kelly O.

There are so many things I appreciate about Fusion Yoga Studio. For starters, the high quality teaching. I have been doing yoga off and on since 1995 and I know good teaching when I experience it. As a freind and fellow Fusion fan told me, “Lori McCormick is the real deal” and I concur. After all these years I believe that I really learned Warrior 1 in Lori’s classes.  Secondly, the variety of teachers, styles and types of yoga offered on the weekly schedule would be hard to find at other studios. There are so many studios that specialize in “one size fits all” yoga and I find that limiting. I so enjoyed Lori’s Ashtanga class and Jill’s flow class. Then there’s Christy’s Yoga Nidra class providing a way to wind down on a Friday night. All great stuff!

Lastly, the yoga rooms at Fusion are beautiful, clean, and comforting. And the community of teachers, staff and students so welcoming. I look forward to more classes and workshops at Fusion. — Julie C.

So while I had never been to a Yoga studio before coming here I have no issue giving them 5 stars. I have had a few different instructors here, each one was friendly and knowledgeable. If you cant twist yourself into a particular pose the yogi can often provide you with a less strenuous option, or if the opposite is true and you want to get in touch with your inner contortionist they can help there to. The upside to the Plastiman routine is a significant reduction in the random aches and pains.

The studios are super nice and very clean. There are a ton of mats, props and other doodads to assist with poses. If you aren’t sure that Yoga is for you they offer a great intro price, $25 for 2 weeks of unlimited classes. Wear loose clothes, remember to take your shoes off and enjoy the workout. — Josh D.

Fusion Yoga is defnitely one of the best Yoga Studios in Sacramento. Lori, the owner is an amazing teacher, who really knows what she is talking about. The studio has three rooms that are all so beautifully decorated, there is always parking. The stuff and all the teachers are super friendly and helpful. This Studio is very professional and all the teachers are absolutely knowledgable.

I’m currently doing a Yoga Teacher Training there and it was the best decision ever. There is nothing to complain about.

So, if you wanna have an amazing, challanging, educating and still warm and heartly Yoga class, take one with Lori, you won’t regret. — Ilka B.

Fusion Yoga’s prenatal class with Rebekah Lake is phenomenal. She not only gives us a workout that’s difficult and rewarding, but also the opportunity to connect with other mamas-to-be in a very real way. I love how the class is comprised of a “check-in” portion and a workout portion. I love how the poses are challenging, but feel great. I love the sense of accomplishment when I stick it out and don’t let myself cheat. I love the camaraderie of the other pregnant women there. This weekend I looked around the room briefly and felt this amazing feeling of power and miracle wash over me. A room full of women, carrying new life. It’s just amazing to have all that energy in such a condensed space.

The meditations Rebekah gives us to consider at the end of class are intense (in a really, really good way). I love that place. It’s so real and so warm and so comforting. You can be true to yourself, participate in this environment that may look ridiculous to the outside observer, but to us, in this moment, is so absolutely perfect. I am going to miss this class A LOT once our little one is born. — Melissa O.

I recently moved to Sacramento and found Fusion right in my neighborhood. I started with the newcomer’s special – $25 for unlimited classes for 2 weeks – and tried at least 8 classes with different instructors. Every one of them was excellent.

The studio is very clean, attractive and comfortable. It is conveniently located with plenty of parking. All levels of practitioners feel welcomed and options are offered to accommodate people wanting more of a challenge, a more “yin” practice, or those coping with injuries or physical limitations. I now have a 20 class pass and continue to look forward to going to Fusion 3-4 times a week for wonderful stretching, improving my strength and finding peace. — Kim W.

Here are some unique things offered here:

– The pre-natal classes look extremely popular, although I haven’t taken one, not being pregnant myself.
– I understand that the studio offers top-notch a training program to become a yoga teacher.
– The facility is really nice, clean, and calming.
– Very nice teachers.

One thing I noticed (at least about the beginner’s classes) is that everyone tends to be in their own private bubble; it’s not unfriendly, but it’s not your “yoga social hour”. You may like this, depending on your personality. Also, the classes focus on the physical side of yoga, less on the philosophical aspects, so you may find that either a pro or con depending on what you’re comfortable with. — Stacy G.

“The standard of teaching at Fusion Yoga is very high. As a yoga teacher myself who has taught all over the world, I feel qualified to offer an informed opinion! Lori’s knowledge is profound and her delivery flawless. I leave classes feeling high as a kite! — Julia Tindall www.juliatindall.com<