DONATION BASED CLASSES (or free if you can’t afford)

Fusion Makes Yoga Affordable for Everyone!

We’re opening our doors to serve our local community and invite you to participate and support us in this mission.

Yoga isn’t a luxury but rather a practice that we hope to share with everyone. These classes ensure that all who wish to explore the diverse benefits of yoga may pursue them regardless of their financial circumstances.  We believe that there shouldn’t be any barriers to starting or continuing your yoga practice.

If you choose to contribute, let your heart and personal financial situation be your guide.  Donations ultimately allow those with fewer resources to benefit from our classes.  If money is tight, however, feel free to leave your wallet at home.

Karma Yoga Classes

Currently on Thursdays (at 5:30 pm) & Saturdays (at 1:00 pm)

Offering “KARMA YOGA” classes are our way of giving back to the community!    This is an abbreviated practice that is taught at a level that is suitable for all. Basic postures are introduced with attention to alignment, body mechanics, and the fluctuations of the mind. Mellow/Modified Flow (Sun Salutations) may or may not be introduced based on the teacher’s evaluation of the capabilities of the class *that* day.

Our Karma classes are donation based (with a suggested donation of $7 to $20, cash/check only please) – however, they are FREE for those who truly can’t afford our classes.    Join us as often as you like for these classes as there is NO LIMIT on attendance. We hope that you’ll join us in our commitment to improving the lives of others in small, but powerful ways!

All levels and abilities welcome.  Ideal for any student that wants to gain a better understanding of the postures and the practice, including experienced students. A great segue into more challenging classes. Experienced students are encouraged to practice at their own level/ability.

Please verify the day and time of the classes on our on-line schedule before coming to class to make sure there haven’t been any changes.  Our on-line schedule always contains the most up-to-date information.

Got a question….? Ask us!