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Location of course:  FUSION YOGA STUDIO, 1620 Executive Court, Sacramento, CA 95864.

Although this flyer shows the date as February 24, it’s actually being offered twice in October – on October 13 and again on October 27 – and the time is 1:00 -3:30 pm 🙂


TEACHER TRAINING – Starts January 1

Next Session Starts:   JANUARY 2020

Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Calendar (Meeting Dates)



Reserve your spot early ~ this popular program fills up fast!


Our 200-hour yoga certification course (recognized by Yoga Alliance), is open to those who want to teach yoga, but may also be taken by those who are not necessarily intending to become yoga instructors. Many students pursue teacher training not because they want to teach, but because they love yoga and want to learn more. Teacher Training is a wonderful way to deepen your practice and take it to a new level!

While there are some programs that train teachers in less time than ours, we feel that a longer program gives student-teachers an opportunity to integrate what they’ve learned. (There is no substitute for having the time to put into practice what you are learning!) Our program is structured in a way that allows students to complete their training while accommodating career and family commitments. (A few week nights are included in order to give student-teacher live teaching opportunities.  Make-up options are available).

In Our Program You’ll Learn …

  • Yoga philosophy and lifestyle
  • Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises), and relaxation techniques
  • Chakras and energy
  • How to teach (with your words, your voice, your hands, and through demonstration)
  • Appropriate touch and making physical adjustments
  • Sequencing postures (gradient approaches to postures and modeling postures in stages), safely prepare muscle groups for specific poses, and gain ability to safely teach beginners, intermediate, and mixed level classes
  • Basic human anatomy (muscles, bones) in relationship to asanas and principles of alignment
  • Working with injuries/illness, prop usage, proper alignment, offering modifications
  • How to structure a class, create effective lesson plans, and how to manage your classroom and time
  • Dynamics of student-teacher relationship, building rapport, developing confidence as a teacher
  • Practice teaching, assisting, and observing (in a safe setting to help you gain confidence as a teacher)
  • The Business of yoga – marketing your services, teaching to special populations
  • Ethics – group discussion on being an ethical, quality instructor with integrity
  • On-going mentoring, even after the program ends
  • Fusion’s Yoga Teacher Training Manual

Investment / Tuition 

Teacher Training Program – $2,500 

Available Discounts   (please note due dates):

  • CASH  (save $200)……………………………………….………………. $ 2,300
  • Early-Bird, paid in full by Dec 1  (save $250)………………………… $ 2,250
  • Early-Bird & CASH, paid in full by Dec 1  (save $350)………..…….. $ 2,150
  • SUPER Early-Bird, paid in full by Nov 1  (save $400)……………….  $ 2,100
  • SUPER Early-Bird & CASH , paid in full by Nov 1  (save $450!)…… $ 2,050

Early application and payment in-full reserves your spot in the program.   Please note that class size is intentionally kept small so that Lori can provide quality attention, support, and mentorship to each student teacher.  As such, space is limited. Cash, check or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) are accepted.  Payment arrangements *may* be considered for those in need.

Prerequisites: Although anyone has the potential to be a great yoga teacher, having a regular yoga practice and general familiarity and knowledge of yoga will greatly help and accelerate your learning on the teaching path. If you’re planning on teaching, it’s recommended that…  1) applicants have a regular, consistent practice for a minimum of 1-2 years…. 2) Have taken a few classes with Lori (to make sure you’re a good match for each other), and…  3) a willingness and dedication to commit to self-study/home-study. If you’re simply wanting to learn more (and not teach), there are no prerequisites other than a willingness to learn.

Procedure for Applying: If you are wanting to apply for our Teacher Training course, please complete an Application Form available at the studio or on our website or click the link above. You will be notified of your acceptance within a week of our receiving your application. An application fee of $50 must be included with completed application form (payable to “Fusion Yoga Studio”) which will be deducted from full tuition upon acceptance of application. If your application is unsuccessful there will be no charge and your deposit will be refunded. 

Want to get started RIGHT AWAY..?   If you’re accepted into our program and you’re motivated and inspired to get a jump start, you can use the time between now and the official start date of January 1 to begin your required reading assignments (and possibly some of the homework assignments too).  Getting started early is an option for those that are interested in doing so — it is NOT necessary or required.

RYS 200 school


For more information: If you have any questions or concerns about the program, call contact Lori directly at (916) 600-6557 or email


About Lori McCormick

Lori McCormick (formerly Lori Moore) is the director of Fusion Yoga Studio Sacramento, Inc.  Teaching yoga and running a successful yoga studio has been Lori’s passion and full-time career since 2004. She has more than 11,000 hours of actual teaching experience and well over 500 hours of continuing education from various programs and workshops.

Formally trained in the Ashtanga yoga tradition, Lori has studied with Ashtanga yoga master David Swenson, Seane Corn and Shannon Wells and has completed a one-year training program in Somatic Yoga (yoga therapeutics/yoga therapy) with Eleanor Criswell.  She has also completed an Advanced Teacher program at White Lotus with Ganga White and Tracey Rich. Through her participation in various intensives, she continues to be inspired by many remarkable teachers including Gary Kraftsow (therapeutics), Judith Lasater, Doug Swenson, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Erich Schiffmann, and many others.  She prides herself on learning and understanding the body’s dynamics having studied anatomy under Mark Uridel, Peter Ehlers (Tom Myers Anatomy Trains), and Joe Barnett.  Additionally, she is an avid reader and has read several hundred yoga, anatomy, and meditation books, as well as relatable books on psychology, trauma, PTSD, depression, pregnancy, relationships, spirituality, and more that correspond to her students’ needs.

Lori strives to be the teacher that she would want to learn from.  While she has trained with many outstanding teachers, she has also learned through years of experience from her own personal practice. To this day, she maintains a consistent personal practice and believes it’s an integral part of her over-all well-being. She finds it also serves as a source of inspiration for her teaching.

Lori blends her teaching experience, personal practice experience, her knowledge and passion for teaching into a non-dogmatic style that’s supportive and nurturing to ALL physical levels and abilities. She is proficient at teaching mixed level classes, where she is able to challenge the most advanced student while modifying the practice for those with injuries or who are less familiar with yoga. She enjoys teaching classes that are energetic, playful, and exploratory, yet she emphasizes being mindful and using proper alignment and form in order to avoid injury. She applies principles of anatomy and function to her teaching so that each student learns how to practice safely for their unique body and abilities. Her intention is to help students use the practice primarily as a healing art (rather than as a workout) – teaching them to practice safely so that they will be able to continue practicing yoga for a lifetime. She creates a space that is safe for exploration and growth and gently guides her students to trust their inner teacher while supporting them on their journey.

Besides teaching yoga, Lori is a certified Transformation Meditation teacher. She is registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (ERYT) and is a Certified Yoga Therapist (CIAYT) through International Association of Yoga Therapists. She teaches on-going classes at Fusion, leads workshops and retreats, and teaches students privately as well as in corporate settings. Additionally, she has been training teachers for almost 10 years and emphasizes developing teachers who are able to safely and effectively teach, not just lead, a yoga class. As a trainer, she works to help new teachers develop and share their own unique expression and interpretation of the practice.  (She continues to mentor her student-teachers throughout their teaching careers, as/if needed.)

IMG_1967 - CopyAside from teaching, she has almost 30,000 hours of experience in operating a successful studio.  She currently runs and manages Fusion Yoga Studio (a single venue which houses three separate studios and a healing room, and offers over 35 classes per week).  She is the former owner of My Yoga Lounge (2004-2009) in Sacramento.


“I have been a yoga and pilates teacher in this area for nearly 15 years, and am an E-RYT 200 certified teacher. I have taken classes, workshops and teacher trainings from many ‘big name’ teachers over the years; I’ve learned things from all of them. I have developed my own ‘style’ of teaching that is a blend from all the things I’ve learned either as a student or a teacher. As well, I’ve practiced at nearly every studio in our area, and many in the Bay Area or beyond. Last year I was invited to teach at the Wanderlust Festival, in Squaw Valley, and got to be up close and personal with many accomplished teachers in the art of yoga, in all its forms — hatha, yin, power, pranayama, meditation, et al. and while they are impressive in their own rights, I can honestly say that Lori McCormick is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had the honor of learning from.

Every time I step into the studio to teach or practice, it is still and always Lori’s words, lessons, and knowledge that I bring with me as I teach. I have never learned so much about yoga as I did in Lori’s teacher training program — it is comprehensive in every regard. Her knowledge of anatomy, of sequencing, cueing; her mastery of HOW TO TEACH safely and with total concern for the student. She is ethical, compassionate, well-versed in the history and spiritual aspect of the practice, and allows each student (whether in her classes, or in her TT programs) to explore their own particular voice and passion.

While I believe that yoga is for everyone, the run of the mill power yoga studios that I see do not begin to really address the deeper aspects of this practice. Lori has respect for the ancient art, and treats it as such. It is NOT ‘cookie cutter’ yoga, but rather, a subtle skill that is different and unique for every person. I would recommend her teacher training program to ANYONE, whether it be a seasoned student or teacher, or a novice.” ~ Wendy

“I had been pursuing my 200-hour yoga teacher training through another program when I moved to the Sacramento area. After attending classes at Fusion Yoga for several months, I was intrigued by the structure and sequencing of Lori’s classes.  While not what I was accustomed to, my body and spirit responded so positively to this practice that when Lori announced an upcoming teacher training, I decided to start over with her.
The teacher training program at Fusion Yoga is not a cookie cutter curriculum. It is a personalized program and experience.  In sharing her authentic experiences as a student, instructor, and business owner, Lori engages her students in thought-provoking, meaningful discussions.  With some freedom to choose areas of studies within the framework of the curriculum, students can individualize their training experiences.
Entering into the program with some experience teaching, I especially appreciated how Lori adjusted her expectations of my practice teaching. I love being challenged; her attention to details and guidance were what I needed to improve my skills and grow my confidence. After the program, she has continued as a mentor.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for her personal investment in my success, something no trainer has done before.”  ~ Bridget

“I have met a lot of yoga instructors over the years since I started in 1973. When I met Lori in late 2007, I was immensely impressed by her teaching skill, so much so, that within two weeks, I had signed up for her teacher training program so I could learn from her. Since then, my initial impression has been proved true consistently. Her teacher training program not only demonstrated her deep knowledge of yoga, but also her sensitivity to her students. I have watched her teach a class with both novices and highly experienced students, and be able to teach to all the levels without making the novices feel inadequate or the experienced students feel not challenged. I have experienced her integrity, her skill, and her concern for students. I have seen that she does not strive to be a “rock star” yogi, but rather to be the best teacher she can be. It has been, and it always will be an honor and a pleasure to learn from and work with Lori. I have been consistently impressed by the quality of teachers that graduate from her program, and I heartily recommend her teacher training program.” ~ Carl, MD

“Lori’s training was REAL. Real people, talking about real things: The REAL aspects of yoga… not the fairy tales. The knitty gritty. I appreciated the authenticity of this training. The authenticity of Lori, and of my classmates. We bonded through the “Why’s? of the practice, not just the “know how’s.” We bonded through the painful times going on in our personal lives. We bonded through the pain going on in our bodies. We bonded through the CHANGES of character, the growth, the endurance of what we thought we knew about Yoga, our perspectives and life; we all pushed our limits. This training will change your life. YOU WILL BECOME A STRONGER, MORE CAPABLE PERSON IN THE END, WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO TEACH YOGA OR NOT! Bless you Lori, Fusion, and friends for changing my life for the better!” ~ Colleen

“I really appreciated the Fusion Yoga teacher training. It was my second 200 hour teacher training program, and I intentionally took it as a review to the curriculum and to boost my (dormant) teaching confidence. As a learner, I especially liked the bare bones nature of the Lori’s teaching style, focusing more on A&P, teaching methodology (particularly, teaching beginners, non-athletes, and physically challenged students) and focusing more on the general ethics of the ancient yogic ideologies rather than more dogmatic interpretations. Of course, the Satasang (relations, friendships, and community) that came from the training was the silver lining to my experience. Lori is a thorough and experienced teacher. Her 200 hour teacher training is excellent”! ~ Kate

“If you are reading this, most likely you’ve already experienced the relaxation and feeling of well-being that comes from yoga. I practiced yoga for eight years before Fusion Yoga and with Lori for two years before I took her training. This course is a gift to yourself, your family, and your community. You learn to remove distractions and connect with the goodness in yourself and others. Lori’s commitment to each student and their process of learning was what impressed me the most. As a Gerontologist, I am keenly aware of the importance of flexibility, strength and balance as we age. I learned the intricacies of yoga from a dedicated professional who understands the body/mind/spirit connection and helped me develop and expand my practice.” ~ June

“I completed Fusion Yoga Studio’s 200 hour yoga teacher training program under the guidance of Lori McCormick in the fall of 2011, and receiving my certification has been a life changing event. Lori’s instruction was clear, concise and challenging, and while I experienced many ups-and-downs during the program, I am more balanced, confident and fulfilled as a result of those challenges. I have had the wonderful good fortune to begin teaching immediately upon receiving my certification, and I look forward to every single class. My personal practice has grown by leaps and bounds, and my overall well-being has been greatly enhanced as a result of my experiences during the training. Whether your goal is to deepen your personal practice or to share the gift of yoga with others, I wholeheartedly recommend this program. I am forever indebted to Lori for taking my brass and turning it into gold, and to my classmates who supported my struggles and celebrated my successes.” ~ Carol

“When I enrolled in the teacher training at Fusion, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Not only did my practice deepen but so did my relationships with my fellow classmates. In addition, Lori’s passion and tremendous knowledge about yoga as philosophy and practice really fostered a holistic understanding of the world of yoga. I would certainly recommend it!” ~ Jennifer

“This Yoga Teacher Training Program is transformational! It’s not just about learning to teach, although, Lori is expert on the nuisances of the yoga poses, it is about the integration of the body, mind and the spirit. If you are willing to dive in, Lori will guide you, with beautiful strength and presence!” ~ Christie

“I can’t imagine having done my teacher training with anyone OTHER THAN Lori Moore McCormick. She is a Master Teacher, and experience teaching new instructors definitely counts when selecting a program. She understands the emotional journey that occurs during training, and was able to support and guide us through times when we felt frustrated and insecure. The program was extremely thorough, and at the end we had the skills to teach a class, to do adjustments with students, and to handle the classroom environment. Lori works with each student until she believes they are ready, regardless of the additional time required of her.” ~ Bernadette

“You will not find a better Yoga Teacher Training Program! Lori opens her heart and her life to the YTT students; she has assembled her wealth of yoga-infused experiences into an exceptional program that will challenge and inspire. I learned so much about all aspects of yoga. Along the way, I learned more about myself and about how to grow with all my wonderful classmates who were on the same path.” ~ Terri

“If you love taking Lori’s classes, you’ll love her Teacher Training. Her classes really are true teasers… I loved the relaxed and supportive environment during her training. The personal time, instruction, feedback and one on one assists with Lori were the highlights of the training for me.” ~ Suzanne

“I am a December 2012 graduate of Fusion Yoga Studio’s 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program and a dedicated yoga practitioner who would love to recommend Fusion Yoga studio.  I would like to share my appreciation for the sensitive, knowledgeable, wise, and inspiring guidance Lori McCormick gave me throughout the Teacher Training Program, as well as for the high standards maintained and warm, caring teaching offered by all Instructors at the comfortable, clean Fusion studio.

Lori’s anatomical knowledge, deep life experience, spiritual and compassionate character, and personal commitment to yoga and health give the Teacher Training Program authenticity and power. Lori’s daughter, Lindsey Bronner, completed the Teacher Training Program with me, and I was so impressed to see the high standards of interpersonal ethics and love shared by the two.

I was challenged intensely in the Teacher Training Program, but never injured myself (a good sign that there is balance and awareness being practiced) and I learned so much, both intellectually and in my body. As a result, I stepped past my former limits and was reborn through completing the 200-Hour Training.

Fusion has also become a home away from home for me, since taking classes from the diverse Instructors at Fusion, as well as bonding with my fellow Teacher Trainees in that Program, filled my heart with a rich, comforting sense of community and shared ideals.” ~ Ann

“The knowledge and experience that I took away from the Teacher Training program at Fusion has been life changing.  Lori directed the program with such confidence, grace and true passion as she created teachers of us all.  Not only does Lori provide the trainees with tremendous amounts of information on the practice itself, but also she makes SURE that each student finds their confidence and unique presence on the mat as a teacher. Lori taught me how to find my inner voice, my strength and provided a lifetime worth of knowledge so that I am able to teach where I am at today.

“I know why this program picked me and I am ever grateful for my experience with the phenomenal Lori McCormick”. ~ Alanna

“After more than a six-month period of research into yoga teacher training, I chose Fusion Yoga Studio for my training.  As I spent time practicing there and other places prior to making my decision, I came to know a yoga community at Fusion Yoga Studio full of grace, insightful experience, and a knowledge base unrivaled in my 20+ years of yoga practice.  It became clear to me in my time at Fusion that there was no question as to where I would attend teacher training.

“In addition to cultivating an environment of true learning, Lori McCormick understands teaching the teacher.  Lori’s thorough and thoughtful instruction helped me obtain an education that goes beyond just the physical teaching of yoga into one of a teacher’s relationship to safety, quality, and understanding of yoga teachings and responsibility to students.

“I recommend Fusion Yoga Studio’s yoga teacher training to the person who wants to teach yoga rather than lead a yoga class, come to a greater understanding of themselves and their yoga practice, and learn in an environment that fosters a sense of a larger community.

“I am thankful to say that I have made lifelong friends in my teacher training. I am also grateful that although I live in another state now, I consider Lori McCormick as my Yoga Mentor and Fusion Yoga Studio as my yoga home.

“Shortly after completing teacher training, I gained regular employment as a yoga teacher at a community college.  After an application process, I am now a PrAna Influencer.  I credit my good fortune to the valuable and worthy yoga teacher training I received at Fusion Yoga Studio.”  ~ Lori D



Neurogenic Yoga Maria Alfaro FEB 1

Neurogenic Yoga™

Join the Tremoring Revolution! 

with special guest teacher Maria Alfaro

Saturday, February 1, 2020

9:00 am – 12:00 pm 

Neurogenic yoga is a simple, gentle and profound practice that facilities the lengthening and relaxation of the psoas muscle and the release of physical and emotional stress and tension. Neurogenic Yoga uses yoga asana and pranayama to prepare the body for neurogenic tremors. This involuntary shaking and trembling response is genetically encoded within every mammal.
During a typical Neurogenic Yoga practice, tremors begin in the legs and often spreads throughout the entire body. These tremors are the nervous systems way of discharging long-held tension or unconscious muscle contraction in order to restore the body to wholeness.

This experiential workshop will include an introduction to the tremoring response and its history and origin in Dr. David Berceli’s technique of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise® (TRE®). Participants will experience a Neurogenic Yoga class including yoga asana, pranayama and Self-induced Therapeutic Tremors (SITT). Most people describe this experience as pleasant and relaxing and report many improvements in their physical and emotional state.

Reported benefits include:

  • Release of chronic tension and increase of energy and stamina
  • Discharge of buried emotional and physical trauma
  • Freedom from symptoms of sciatica and fibromyalgia
  • Decrease of aches and pains
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved mood
  • Improved sense of feeling grounded and focused
  • Improved flexibility
INVESTMENT:  $55  —  Click here to register!
Early-Bird Rate:  $50 (pay by Jan 15)

This workshop is appropriate for people of all ages and level of fitness.  No previous knowledge of yoga is required. The Neurogenic Yoga team creates a supportive environment that makes people feel safe as they lead their class with compassion and a sense of humor. 


About Maria Alfaro:    Maria creates a supportive environment which makes people feel safe. She leads her workshops with compassion and a sense of humor. Teaching yoga since 1997 in California and beyond, Maria developed the YOGA and TRE© workshop in 2004. For more information about Maria, Yoga & TRE© or to read testimonials from participants, please visit:  or contact Maria with any questions or concerns at:



Prenatal / Baby & Me – READ THIS!


If you can’t see these classes on our “Class Schedule” page (in MindBody or the app), be sure you’re selecting or filtering classes by “ALL Service Categories” and “ALL Class Types” – that is, please don’t filter by Prenatal etc.).  If it doesn’t work, you may need to close the app/browser and re-open.  However, the classes below are ON-GOING (that is, every week).  If the class is ever cancelled for the day, there will be a red line through the class name on the schedule stating that it’s “cancelled.” 


Text (916) 600-6557 or email

 SEPARATE PRICING APPLIES to our PRENATAL and BABY & ME specialty classes.   HOWEVER, our “2 Weeks for $25” promotional offer INCLUDES specialty classes.   No other discounts/offers are available for specialty classes.  (Groupons EXCLUDE our specialty classes.)  A single class (aka “drop in”) is $16… or a 4 class pass is $52 (=$13/class)… or an 8 class pass is $96 (=$12/class).   See our pricing page for more. 

prenatal yoga 3


Prenatal Classes

…………  Offered 2 days a week!   ………….

Thursdays @ 6:00-7:15 pm   w/ Judy

Sundays @ 10:00-11:15 am  w/ Yvette

Prenatal Classes.  Moderate to challenging.   Breath awareness is emphasized during a rhythmic flow of dynamic and restorative postures while honoring the changing needs of expectant mothers. Modifications and instruction on proper anatomical alignment help students prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for the process of childbirth.

Learn how to use the power of your breath to transform the discomforts of pregnancy and fear associated with childbirth into strength, peace of mind, and joyful surrender. Take a “time out” to quiet your mind and connect with your body and growing baby. Feel better, look better, and have an empowered birthing experience! 


Baby & MeBaby & Me Classes

Mondays @ 10:30 am-11:30 am

w/ Bridget & Judy

Baby & Me Classes.  Regain strength and flexibility, bond with your baby, and connect with other moms/dads/caregivers!   Our Baby & Me Yoga practice is designed specifically for the needs of a new mom. We strengthen the entire body with emphasis on the core, pelvic floor, and posture while integrating our babies into the practice. This class goes beyond the physical aspect of yoga as we use each pose as an opportunity to connect more deeply with our babies through eye contact, breath, touch, and mindfulness.

Learn to quiet the mind and find serenity as you get fit and gain confidence in your mothering through this integrative yoga practice. In each class we also take a moment to share our journeys with other new moms in the spirit of support and community.  ALL BABIES FROM 6 WEEKS OLD to NEWLY CRAWLING are welcome!   DADS, CAREGIVERS, AND FRIENDS ARE ALSO WELCOME.





NEW TO FUSION..? Info to get started

Welcome to Fusion Yoga!


Here’s some helpful information for

new students to get started with us …


The first time you come in, please try to arrive 15-20 minutes early for your initial paperwork, get a tour of our space, and meet your instructor.

To speed-up the check-in process, it’s helpful to have completed a Registration & Release Form in advance (print it out and bring it with you — or you can complete a form at the studio if you forget).

We have a special promotional offer for new local students: “2 WEEKS FOR $25” – enjoy unlimited classes (for a 14 day period) for a one-time charge of only $25! You can sign-up (purchase) the promotional offer on our website by clicking here. (Create a user name/password – top right corner of screen. Then select the tab “Buy Pass/Gift Certificate.” When asked “What kind of pass would you like to buy?” pick “Yoga Classes” and then scroll down for the option of “2 weeks for $25″… and complete the transaction.) You can also purchase the introductory pass at our front desk when you come for class. If you’d prefer to pay for just one class, the cost for a single class (a “drop=in”) is $16.

But wait… there’s more! For a limited time, we’re offering a “bonus offer,” which allows new students to purchase their first, regular class pass at a substantial discount! If you’d like to purchase your bonus offer on-line, shoot an email to for the promo code.

Got questions…? Email us at … or send us a text at (916) 600-6557.


If you’re new to yoga, here’s some tips for class…

yoga matIf you have a yoga mat, bring it along. If you don’t own a mat, you can borrow one of ours. (You might want to consider buying your own mat – not only is it a commitment to your practice and will allow you to use it at home, but also for hygienic reasons. Mats can be purchased at places like Target or, etc. )

Wear something that allows you to bend and move easily. Most exercise clothing will work… shorts, sweat pants, form-fitting tees, tank tops, as well as clothing specifically marketed as “yoga” clothing. (Target or Lucy has a good selection.) We practice with bare feet… so make sure they’re clean and fresh :).  Avoid wearing anything with fragrance.

Try not to eat a heavy meal 1-2 hours before class as having a full stomach can make you somewhat uncomfortable. A light snack – such as fruit, yogurt, or nuts is usually okay.

A hand towel and a bottle of water are nice to have, but optional. (Washcloths are typically available for your use.) Bottled water is available for sale in the lobby for $1.00. (We also have a water cooler for refilling your water bottle for $1.00. No charge for a drink.)

If you’d like to know more about yoga, you’ll find some helpful information in our 12-page “A Brief Introduction to the Practice of Yoga” handout.


If you’re new to Fusion…

We’re located at 1620 Executive Court, Sacramento, CA 95864.  Executive Court is located just off of Arden Way between Fulton and Morse Avenues (closer to Morse).  

Our class schedule can be viewed on-line at (then click “class schedule”). Lots of information is available on our site, including upcoming events, rates, and more.

  • If you’re healthy and relatively active, you might try any class that includes the word “ALL” in the description of our on-line schedule ( – or if looking at our printed schedule, look for “M″ which indicates mixed-level).
  • If you’ve got an injury or you want a mellow class, try one of our therapeutic classes such as — SOMATIC YOGA… RESTORATIVE YIN… YOGA AT THE WALL… SENIOR/BOOMER YOGA,…or YOGA FOR HEALTHY AGING.
  • If you like a challenge, try our FUSION FLOW… SLOW FLOW…. or YOGA BASICS with CORE STRENGTHENING.

Be sure to stop at the front desk to sign-in. (Signing-in is mandatory for each and every class you attend).

Try to arrive ahead of time as classes start on time. Providing the front door is unlocked, we allow late arrivals. (If there is no front desk attendant, we typically lock the door 10-15 minutes after class starts. If there is an attendant, then the front door is left open.) If you’re late, wait until the opening meditation is over with before joining the class. (Wait to see that students are transitioning into a posture. If they’re holding still, wait until there’s obvious movement or an invitation from the instructor or assistant to join the class). On the other hand, if you need to leave before class is over, be sure to let the instructor know BEFORE class starts and position yourself near the back of the room, if possible. (Try to leave quietly and before our final relaxation/savasana.)

Let the instructor know ahead of time if you’re new to yoga…. and/or if you have an injury or illness that you’re working with. If you prefer to *not* be touched, inform the instructor BEFORE class starts.

Please speak quietly in the studios as well as in the lobby as oftentimes there are classes or healing sessions in progress.

We have two changing rooms for your convenience and ample parking.

no cell phone

In order to maintain a peaceful environment for all….  Please note that NO CELL PHONES ARE ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO OR LOBBY (including texting or smart phone usage). If you bring your cell phone with you, please turn the phone completely OFF – that is, no vibrating or alarms… or better yet, leave it in your car 🙂 If you need to use your phone, please be respectful and step outside the building. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in helping us to keep our space sacred.

Location: 1620 Executive Court, Sacramento, CA 95864

just off of Arden Way, between Fulton and Morse Avenues  (closer to Morse)




See what others have to say about us!

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If you have any questions, please email

We’re looking forward to working with you soon!



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