Raindrop Technique Workshop – Jan 25

Raindrop Technique

An Experiential & Practical Training Workshop

with special guest, Tina Jones

Saturday, January 25

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Raindrop Technique is a healing modality that supports all systems of the Body, Mind and Spirit.  Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils are dropped along the spine and Vita-Flexed onto reflex points on the feet. These oils help to release toxins, which lie dormant in the spine. Their incredibly small molecules are absorbed into the body, quickly enhancing vibration, supporting the immune system, working to align the spine and helping the body to re-balance.  This treatment can be and is used Professionally (Industry Standard Oils for Massage Therapists and other Complementary Practices) as well as anyone looking to enhance overall wellness naturally for people of all ages, including children! 

Upon completion of this workshop, you may offer this complimentary healing modality in your personal and professional community.  Depending on the size of the workshop group, each student should be able to practice giving and receiving a complete Raindrop Technique session during the class. 

This workshop is open to anyone and there is no pre-requisite to learning and practicing Raindrop Technique.  A Raindrop Kit is *not* required for the workshop. For an additional fee, you may use oils provided just during the workshop.  Please inquire during registration if you would like to purchase your own Raindrop Kit. 

Please Note:   Bring one hand towel (not wash cloth), one larger sized bath towel, and one twin sheet set (top and bottom) including a pillow case, per person. 

About Tina:  Tina Jones is an experienced Aromatherapist, CMT, Biofeedback Practitioner, Acupressure & Non-needle Acupuncturist, Pilates and Aroma Yoga Instructor, Energy Healer and Raindrop Therapist. She has studied under D. Gary Young, Tracy Griffiths, Linda Brown, C.A.R.E, The Healing Arts Institute, and has practiced Natural Medicine Therapies for the past 12 years. As a Platinum Leader in Young Living, Tina travels all over the world learning and teaching. Tina’s students and clients love the kind, warm and joyful spirit she infuses into her Healing Work, Workshops and Classes! With deep appreciation for plant based supplements and healing treatments, she feels honored to pay forward these teachings and healing blessings to Communities and Practitioners in the Health and Wellness fields! 


Investment:  Click here to register > 

$50, you’ll provide your own Raindrop Kit – OR –

$75, borrow a kit provided during workshop 

Please let us know ahead of time if you’re interested in purchasing your own Raindrop Kit to take home.



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