All Is Calm: Nidra + Soundbath Feb 22

“All Is Calm”

An Aromatic Yoga Nidra & Southbath Experience 

with Suzanne Mikula

Saturday, February 22

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Our December Aromatic Yoga Nidra & Soundbath was graciously received and is returning! In the midst of the New Year’s excitement and celebration, may a resolution of care and quiet restore and deeply nourish your Spirit. Join us for a restful haven where…

  • Healing Aromatic Plant Extracts selected to reflect the spirit of the season, envelope you in nature’s warm, penetrating, vibrational embrace…
  • A journey through Yoga Nidra welcomes you in to deep stillness, quiet and rest…
  • Crystal Sound Bowls & Vocal Toning bathe and draw you into a deeply resonant and restorative state of being…

Awaken to enjoy refreshments made with love and reflect on the communal resonance of intentional and tender self-care.


Please Note: 

  • Dress very comfortably and feel free to bring your own pillows or blankets for a cozy and supported Yoga Nidra and Soundbath. Props are available in the studio as well. 
  • Options will be given to accommodate those wishing to opt-out of receiving Aromatic Extracts topically during the event. 
  • Only pure, therapeutic grade essential oils will be used and those who have sensitivities to synthetic fragrances or non-therapeutic grade extracts. Many find they enjoy and benefit greatly from these pure, high quality extracts. 


About Suzanne:  

Suzanne is our resident Yoga & Essential Oils Teacher and Educator.  She graduated from Fusion Yoga Studio’s  teacher training program nine years ago, and loves supporting her students in experiencing deep peace and healing.  She loves spending time in nature, singing and bringing together the healing vibrations of Nature’s Aromas, Sound, and deep rest. 


All levels of practice are welcome.

Investment: $30  (click here to register now)

Early Bird Price (by February 15):  $25



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