YIN YOGA Workshop – Feb 23

Yin Yoga Workshop

with Lisa Rogers

Saturday, February 23

1:00 – 3:30 pm


Did you know yoga is made up of two parts:  Yin and Yang…?

Most yoga that is practiced in western cultures is considered “Yang” – that is, it’s typically dynamic, muscle-based, and energetic.  On the other hand, Yin is more contemplative, softer, and passive in its approach. Think of Yin and Yang Yoga as not so much opposites, but rather as being complementary to one another.

In Yin Yoga, poses(*) are fewer and are often held for a  longer period of time (sometimes for several minutes). This provides you with the opportunity to really “drop in” to your body and feel what is present for you in the moment. This inner stillness can help you to practice mindfulness and meditation while abiding in the pose.  On a physical level, Yin poses can help to release tension in your body by stretching the connective tissue (fascia) that binds us together.

This workshop will allow you to experience Yin Yoga and learn about its benefits. Also, recent research findings that may lead to a better understanding of chakras and meridians will be discussed. 

This class is appropriate for all levels of yoga practitioners.

(*)  Yin postures are mostly floor-based.

INVESTMENT:  $35   click here to register>
Early-Bird Discount:  $30  (register by February 14, save $5!)



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