Sattvic Mind: Ayurveda & Medit Feb 25

Sattvic Mind

A Workshop of Ayurvedic Practices &

Meditation for Complete Well-Being


Sunday – February 25

1:30 – 3:30 pm


Ayurveda is the yogic limb of physical healing through the mind-body connection. Learn valuable tools to support your body. These practices will help bring balance and vitality into your life.

In this workshop you’ll learn…

  • Your Body Type or Dosha
  • Individualized Practices for Your Body Type
  • Supportive Practices to Sooth the Nervous System and the Mind
  • Experience Deep Meditation

Instructors:   Diana O’Brian, Ayurvedic Healthcare Specialist & Christie Vallance, Wellness Expert, Yoga and Meditation teacher

Investment: $30

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