New Year YOGA DETOX Practice-Jan 1

November 12, 2014


New Year’s Day:  Yoga Detox Practice

with Lori McCormick

Tuesday, January 1

10:00 an – 12:15 pm

belly heart detoxEach day, we are exposed to toxins—through the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the products we use.  Even our thoughts and emotions (when negative or repressed), can be as unhealthy as a poor diet or sedentary lifestyle.  This special yoga intensive is specifically designed to stimulate and purify your internal organs, increase respiration and circulation, improve digestion, and is an effective way to detoxify and renew your body – as well as cleanse your mind, heart, and spirit. 

This practice include lots of core work, modified flow (*), plus a bunch of twists.  Class will wind down with gentle Somatic Yoga movement to relax the body and prepare the mind and heart for deeper work through the use of meditation, reflection, and writing.  (Bring a favorite journal and writing tool if you like.  Paper and pen will be provided, if needed.)

Start the new year with an expanded heart, an opened mind, and a lightened spirit… and a clean slate!

Investment: $30 – Click here to register >
Early Bird Discount = $25 (by December 25)

(*)  Resting is always encouraged (come and simply do whatever you can)… and those that can do more are welcome to “kick-it up” a notch!