Grace Meditation 

A Two Week Series

with Christie Vallance

Mondays – October 23 & 30

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Looking for a feeling of peace and ease in your life..? 

Grace Meditation will help you to connect deeply with a deep sense of well-being.  Learn this simple method of practicing meditation.  Surrender into that place of stillness that resides inside each of us.  Open to Universal Energy filling you with what you most need.

Discover how to use your own inner guidance system, rather than looking outside yourself for answers.

Investment:   $75   (includes the book, “The True You” by Erica Rock)

Early bird price $70  (save $5, by October 7)

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“Look upon everything in this world not with your eyes, but with your heart.  Peace and quiet are your home.  Thrive in silence, listen in silence to the still soft voice that comes from the depths of your body and soul.  All the answers you seek are there, and this lives within us all.”   Erica Rock, Look With Your Heart

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